One Pot Salmon Rice with Negi Sauce

Salmon Rice 03

Inspired by a dish that we saw on a variety show, we made this one night and it was love at first bite.

It's not only delicious, it's also easy and fuss-free to make! So. Comforting. All you need is this dish and a side of vegetables or Miso Soup to complete the meal.

P/S: If you don't have Spring Onions, or prefer not to have Spring Onions, replace the Negi Sauce with Ikura! It works deliciously too~

Salmon Rice 01

The recipe below would feed 4 pax, but if you're feeding 2 pax only, you can save the rest for lunch the next day (because that's what we did - it keeps well!)


2 cups, or 400G, of uncooked Rice (use the cup that comes with your rice cooker), we used the Koshihikari once and brown rice once. No difference in cooking time.

2 pieces of Salmon Fillet, thawed (if you prefer it skinless, use this but 1.5 pieces instead. The other half can be Sashimi!) OR Barramundi

Cooking Sake (Halal option: use mild white vinegar)

Tsuyu or any leftover Tempura/Soba Sauce. (Halal option)

Shoyu or any light soy sauce (Halal option) (Gluten-free Option)

4 pieces of Cut Kombu, wiped with a wet kitchen napkin **

4 Spring Onions, washed (it's 4 of these, the whole thing. 4 of it.) 


**RE: Cut Kombu, if you don't have it. You can replace with Dashi, like Shiro Dashi, Dashi powder or make your own Dashi. The difference won't be huge, so use the one that you have / use the one that's most fuss-free. If it's Shiro Dashi, add 4 tablespoons. If you're using the Dashi tea bag, use one tea bag + water to make Dashi before adding the correct amount for the rice (basically replace water with Dashi). If you're using Dashi Powder, use 1 tablespoon will do.



1. Pat dry salmon, marinate with 4 tbsp of Tsuyu + 2 tbsp of Cooking Sake + 1 tbsp Shoyu (if you have Shiro Dashi, then add 1 tbsp, if not it's ok).

2. While the salmon is being marinated, add rice to the rice pot (our rice doesn't require washing, please wash if you are using other types of short grain rice), add water to cook 2 cups of rice (there should be a line in the rice cooker pot to show you where the water should be for 2 cups, if not, use the finger method).

3. Add 2 tbsp Tsuyu + 1 tbsp Cooking Sake to the rice in the pot. Mix well.

4. Add the 4 Cut Kombu on top. If you are not using Cut Kombu, follow the starred ** note above. Then pop it into the rice cooker and start the cooking.

5. While waiting, on a clean chopping board, chop Spring Onions and place them in a bowl.

6. Add 4 tbsp of Tsuyu + 4 tbsp of Shoyu to the chopped spring onions. Your Negi sauce is done. 

7. Heat a pan and lightly oil it, lower the heat to medium once the pan is hot. Add Salmon fillet to pan, skin side down (i.e. SKIN ON PAN). 

8. After 2~3 min, flip the salmon and cook the other side for 3~4 minutes. Then flip it back again to cook for another 2~3 minutes. Repeat for the other Salmon fillet. 

9. When you're done with the Salmon, open the rice cooker, remove the cut kombu and discard. Then add the Salmon Fillets on top of the rice. Close the rice cooker and let it continue to cook.

10. Once the rice is done and you are ready to serve, use a rice scoop to break up the Salmon and mix it well with the rice. 

Salmon Rice 02

11. Top it with the Negi Sauce and MIX WELL~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (our favourite part!!!!!) 

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