Simple, easy-to-follow recipes and serving suggestions with ingredients from Zairyo
for hosting beautiful home dinners and everyday fuss-free dining! 

Tanuki Okaka Onigiri Recipe
Our comfort food: Tanuki Onigiri (or Tanuki Okaka Onigiri) — we used to have this after our rounds at the Uni Auction (when it was still at Tsukiji).  This came highly recommended by our partner at..
The Best Anchovy Pasta, Ever (4 Ingredients Only)

Your body is NOT ready for the flavours of this simple pasta.
Less is more for this recipe.
The key point of this is, of course, the Anchovy and the Olive Oil.
All you need is just 4 ingredients. 

Buta Stamina Don (Pork Bowl)
We may be too used to year-long Summers in Singapore, but in Japan, when it gets too hot and humid in the Summer, they have easy-to-eat and prep food that's good for restoring energy. And one such..
Cod Cakes (Baby and Toddler-friendly)
Cod cakes are one of our favourite things to make at home. It's not only delicious, it's also super fuss-free to make and keep!  We'd make a big batch of Cod Cake Mix and stash the rest in the free..
RECIPE: Miso, Sake Kasu Cream Cheese Snack
We're so excited to share this recipe with you because we are OBSESSED with this snack! It's also handy for the festivities ahead as you can prepare them ahead of your dinners and serve them as..
How To Cook: Hamachi Kama
Hamachi Kama is the collar / cheek of Hamachi (Yellowtail fish), and it is easily the fattiest and juiciest part of the fish. It is usually cooked until the skin is crisp and the meat underneath i..
MENTAIKO TIPS: Make Your Own Mentaiko Mayo + Creamless Mentaiko Pasta
"Why do you not carry pre-made Mentai Mayo?" is a question we get asked a lot. We don't - why? Because it didn't make sense to us when we sell real Mentaiko and it's really SO easy to make Mentaik..
HOW TO USE: Kaisendon Sauce (for Chirashi)
 One of the most exciting things that went down at Zairyo is the creation of this Kaisendon Sauce for Chirashi! We've also incorporated the use of our signature Washi (Japanese paper) for th..
Yuzu Tsuyu Porridge (Zosui 雑炊)
Following the popularity of the Yuzu Tsuyu Shabu soup base, we were curious about how the Japanese are using the soup base other than Shabu Shabu! We were then told that the soup base was perfe..
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