Yaki Yuba Marinated in Dashi (Grilled Beancurd Skin) / 焼きゆば

  • $19.60
  • Yuba grilled lightly then soaked in Dashi. We've tried these and we think they're the perfect side dish at dinner or in bentos! We also love that it doesn't have taste processed like most beancurd skins here. 
  • Specially selected from Toyosu Market for ZAIRYO, a ZAIRYO Exclusive
  • 12 pieces per packet
  • Keep frozen. 
  • Ingredients: Dashi [Sugar, shoyu, salt, amino], Soy milk and flour
  • How to prepare: Thaw and serve chilled. Or serve at room temperature. You may heat up with microwave on medium if you wish. 
  • By order only; air-flown items will be flown in every Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays (unless otherwise stated) upon order only. We do not keep stock of perishables.