Disposable Eco-friendly BBQ Set

  • $16.00

This portable BBQ Grill uses FSC-certified cardboard that is safe for you and the environment. You can use this anywhere and dispose it with ease.

Each grill lasts for approx. 60~120 minutes and is designed to cook optimally with minimal smoke for indoor use.

The charcoal is fruit charcoal (98% fruit byproducts 2% potato starhc, salt, water) making it safer for the young and old to enjoy. Comes with a reusable Chrome-plated baking net.

We welcome a BBQ Party with minimal washing! Please note that this BBQ is NOT reusable and is for ONE USE only (we have stated that it is disposable). 

  • 1 BBQ Set is good for sharing between 3~4 pax.
  • Comes with 24 pieces of Charcoal.
  • How To Safely Put Out The Fire: 
    1. This BBQ set comes with a towel (in a little plastic pack) for you to safely put the fire out.
    2. Open the pack, and place the little cube of towel in water. The towel will expand and it will be ready for your use.
    3. Place the wet towel over the charcoal. Then pour a cup of water over the wet towel and charcoal.
  • Made in China