'Yume No Daichi' Hokkaido Snow Pork Collar Shabu Slices 150G 夢の大地北海道豚

  • $10.90

From the leading region of pork production in Japan, the Hokkaido Snow Pork Belly also known as “Yume no Daichi”, is a special cross-breed of 4 different kinds of pigs and are raised in stress-free environment. They feed exclusively only on quality wheat and sweet potatoes, resulting in a silky smooth texture and fats of the meats which are clean and umami in taste.

Based on data by the Japan Food Research Laboratories, the "Yume No Daichi" has a higher count of Oleic Acid (42%) compared to ordinary pork (40.3%) and higher count of Vitamin B1 (1.3 mg) compared to ordinary pork (0.69 mg).

The Yume No Daichi Pork is then aged for 7~14 days to bring out the true flavours of the meats. The fats have a low melting temperature leading to a melt in your mouth experience. Best consumed in sukiyaki or steamboat to enjoy the superior quality!

  • 150G per pack 
  • Product of Japan
  • Keep frozen. Once thawed and opened, consume within 3 days. Do not refreeze.