Foie Gras Slices 4PC フォアグラスライス

  • $38.90

  • 2 or more $32.00 each

By popular demand, we've got you some quality Foie Gras that we've supplied hotels with (these are Grade A Foie Gras - hotels won't settle for less)! These are conveniently pre-sliced and deveined so all you need to do is to sear it. 

These are imported directly from France, from a renowned french producer of raw duck foie gras with total tracability of our product from the breeding to the slaughtering. 

These fatty little nuggets go perfectly with our Wagyuand even on its own! P/S: We think this sauce would go well with your Foie Gras. 

UPDATE 31 AUG 2022: These are larger in size now at approximately 43G~65G per piece. 

  • Product of France
  • 43-65G per piece, 4PC a packet
  • Individually frozen for freshness. 
  • Flash frozen slices of quality raw duck foie gras
  • Keep frozen, do not refreeze after thawing fully.
  • Note: There may be specks of blood but that's normal and is completely safe -- you can dab it with a kitchen napkin after it is thawed, or just grill as is. 
  • Instructions for use:
    Frozen: Cook the slices in a frying pan without fat (1 to 2min on each side) then heat in an oven (6~8min at 160/180 deg). If you're pan searing without an oven, sear on each side for 3~4 minutes.
    Thawed: Thaw for 15~20 min, then cook them in a frying pan (2~3min on each side)
  • Ingredients: Raw duck foie gras and calibrated