[RECOMMENDED] Fresh Toro Yuba / Fresh Soy Milk Skin 500G - CHILLED

  • $45.00

Upcoming Air Cargo : Monday 29 Jul

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Made with domestically produced non-GMO soy beans from Gifu, this fresh Yuba is great for Sashimi or paired with anything that you llike! There is no additives added and you can eat it as soon as it is opened~ It is a very delicious dish with a deep soybean taste.

Delicious way to enjoy Toro Yuba: Transfer the yuba that has been chilled in the refrigerator to a bowl and enjoy it as sashimi with some soy sauce and wasabi. You can also warm it up and enjoy Yuba shabu-shabu!

  • Product of Japan
  • Air-flown from Toyosu Market
  • Product is already pre-sliced into 6~8 and doesn't come in one large sheet so that it is easier for you to pick. They are very soft and will break if it is one large piece. 
  • Once opened, please consume as soon as possible.
  • Please keep chilled only, do not freeze. 
  • Delivered at least 5 Days before it expires (including delivery day)