Seasoned Tako in Wasabi Sauce (Octopus in Wasabi Sauce) 100G / 山葵たこ

  • $3.80

You shouldn't try this before serving it to your guests - you'll definitely finish it before they arrive. It's sooooo addictive! Made in the same recipe as our bestselling Seasoned Scallops in Wasabi Sauce

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  • 100G 
  • Ready to eat, not meant to be cooked! Serve chilled. 
  • Storage: Store frozen (best before date on label is for frozen state). Once thawed, please keep chilled and consume within 4~5 days. Please do not refreeze. 
  • Ingredients: Cut Boiled Tako (octopus), tribute vegetable, carrots, fructose, soy sauce, salt, chilli sauce (chilli, salt), MSG, Xanthan Gum, Allyl Isothiocynate
  • Allergen: Crustacean, soy, wheat