Steamboat, but Make It Special

If you've built your Steamboat Pack, picked your Yusheng add-ons and want to find something special to enhance your steamboat experience at home, read on~

We share our/our customers' top pick:

Oden and Dango

Ebi Dango and Fresh Oden Set 

This Oden maker has a heritage of over 80 years and everything is freshly made. You get what you pay for with this.

Our Regulars would tell you to get it when it is still in season. Unlike Singapore where we have Steamboat all year round, this Oden Set is only available when it is cold in Japan (late Autumn through Winter).

The Ebi Dango is quite large per piece, so we recommend slicing them into halves (and you get to feed more people!) 

There are a few contenders when it comes to soup bases:

Shoyu Tsuyu

If you want something that's FULL of flavour that is super Umami and rich enough to coat your meat, get the Torigara Tsuyu. Soup doesn't have to be milky to be rich in flavour. 

Ao Fish 01

For a naturally rich broth that isn't too salty, get the Ao Broth Fish Collagen Soup. We use this when we want to impress the in-laws, or elderly; and when kids are at the dining table. Because we know exactly what goes into it, with an ingredient list we can read and understand.

The broth is Gluten-free, dairy-free, MSG-free, preservatives-free. Low fat, low sodium, low cholesterol. (Could something this healthy taste good? Yes.)


Our pick for a prawn-based broth is the Tow Kay Neo's Premium Lobster Broth. We'd usually steer away from prawn/lobster broths because of how rich it'd get by the end of the meal, but this! This is the right amount of richness and Umami that doesn't get overly cloying and we LOVE it. 

This also has an ingredient list we could read and understand -- No preservatives, MSG or artificial flavouring. So this is naturally something we'd feed the elderly and kids with. (But you do you)

Steamboat Basket Group 01

This should be familiar to you if you frequent famous steamboat establishments. ;) This is a must-have for our steamboat dinners.

Instead of holding onto ladles, we leave one of these in the pot. 'Fragile' or tiny food items are placed in the tiny baskets so they don't go 'swimming' around.

We don't waste any time on fishing for missing food. 

What else made your list? Tell us! 


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