Fuss-Free Gift Ideas

Fuss-Free Gift Ideas

We can finally hang in groups of 5!!! And that means we're going to have to start planning our Christmas menus and (mini) gift exchanges.

While we may be just a grocer, we've learned a thing or two from our customers when it comes to gifting, so here's a list of gifts that have been popular for years and some new ones that we'll be gifting ourselves this year:

1. Note Book


These were originally produced as thank you gifts for our associates, friends and family last year.

The quality was so good that we were egged on to have them sold here.


As long-time users of note books, we know exactly what to look out for and we've been told that we've nailed it!

Read the significance of the note book here, you'd want one yourself to start the year right. WAGMI!

P/S: Also available for same-day islandwide delivery on Grab.



2. Matcha Set

Matcha Group-2

Give the gift of health and ~aesthetic~ with a Matcha Set for that friend who'd appreciate a tea routine for a zen mind. Or, y'know, this would make them attempt to be more zen in the new year. We all need it. 

For an all-in-one handy option that allows you to bring your Whisk set from home to office, get the Matcha Whisk Set that comes complete with a Matcha Whisk and Matcha Tea Scoop in a nifty container.


For purists, get the Matcha Whisk 100 Hondate or 80 Hondate WITH a pack of the Organic Matcha Powder (certified by JAS). 

Matcha New Items

For the practical ones who just need to whisk Matcha quickly and easily in modern mugs, get the Long Stem Tea Whisk. (We use this at home too!)


Shop all Matcha Tools here

P/S: Also available for same-day islandwide delivery on Grab.


3. Kimono Bottle Wear


Make your gift of Wine or Sake standout with this Bottle Wear that will impress at ~any~ dinner party.

Made in Japan with original Kimono cloth, these Kimono bottle wears can be slipped onto any wine/sake bottle simply! 

Shop all Beverage & Alcohol here



4. Apron


We're done with "waterproof" aprons made of thick cotton that does little to keep us dry. So these were made with the same material of raincoats, and on the two sides are cotton towel pads that are handy in keeping hands dry. 

P/S: Users of the Apron have already came back to tell us how much they loved it. <3

P/S: Also available for same-day islandwide delivery on Grab.


5. Zairyo Gift Cards


Let the recipient decide what they feel like eating, when they feel like eating. The most practical, fuss-free and popular option of the lot.

This gift voucher has no expiry and no minimum to use! 


See also: Gift Ideas (Foodie Edition)


Bonus: Earn points when you shop with us online! These points can be used to offset future purchases so you earn more savings as you shop~ Learn more about Zairyo Insider.

Zairyo Spotify

We've also put together a few playlists that we listen to in the kitchen as we cook, or as background music during dinner parties. Listen on Spotify here.

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