Raw Alaskan Tarabagani King Crab Legs / タラバ蟹

  • $218.00

  • 2 or more $212.00 each

We have sold Tarabagani Legs (King Crab Legs) for years, but found the raw version better -- you get to control the donenness and you get the full Umami from the crab! The cooked versions do keep longer, but we've always found the meat to be lacking the texture we love. So we've brought in the raw ones again! 

These are a larger version than the previous batch, and due to a shortage and world's happenings, we have managed to secure the best price given the harvest period. 

  • Air-flown from Japan
  • Weight: 960G~1.1KG, good for 1~2 pax if eaten on its own. If enjoyed in a Steamboat, it can feed 4~6 pax.  
  • **Please Note: Unlike the one we sold before, this is RAW and should be cooked prior to consumption. 
  • These King Crab legs have softer shells than normal crabs and are easier to peel/cut. The stuff sweet Crustacean dreams are made of. 
  • Commonly used in Japanese cuisine -- teppanyaki, sukiyaki but more commonly enjoyed on its own.
  • The King Crab Legs are flash frozen once caught and processed to retain freshness.
  • Perfect for BBQs, steamboats
  • King Crab Legs must be kept in the freezer if not consumed and can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 2 days after thawing. We highly recommend to consume the product as soon as they are thawed.
  • Easy Steam: Fully thaw crab, cut legs as you desire and fit them into a dish that you can fit into a steamer. Once the steamer is hot enough, add the dish in and cover lid, steam for 5~7 minutes. 

** In the meantime, we suggest that you eat it as it is. The taste is insanely beautiful. Or enjoy it in a chirashi don with UniIkura and Hotate on sushi rice, as per the picture (pic credit: @lennardy)