Ebi Butterfurai えび蝶フライ 10PC / Breaded Shrimp Butterfly Fry (Halal Certified)

  • $5.00

Breaded Shrimp in a butterfly cut~ Great as finger food, midnight supper or a Bento Side! 

p/s: Try saying 'Ebi Butterfly Fry' 10 times.

  • Product of Vietnam
  • 10 pieces per tray
  • Halal-Certified
  • Do not thaw before frying.
  • How To Pan Fry/Deep Fry (Recommended):
    Cook frozen product in heated oil at 170°C for approximately 4 min 30s.
  • How to Air Fry/Bake:
    Spray oil on product on both sides and air fry/bake at 200°C for 6~7 minutes. Timing varies, please heat longer/shorter if you need to.
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