Kaisendon Sauce (Sauce for Chirashi) 海鮮丼ソース

  • $5.20

Zairyo proudly presents our very own Kaisendon Sauce created specially to marinate your Sashimi for your Chirashi Dons!

This Umami sauce was created to complement the flavours of seafood (rather than conceal them) so you can create restaurant-style Chirashi Dons, too. 

The Kaisendon Sauce is one-of-a-kind and proudly produced in Singapore for Zairyo. 

  • Find out how to use the sauce here!
  • 200ML per bottle
  • How to use: Chop or slice up your favourite Sashimi, add sauce and let it sit for 5min to 10min before serving. Add roasted sesame seeds if desired. You can drizzle the remaining sauce over rice to make it tastier~ 
  • Allergens: Soy, alcohol, wheat