*HIGHLY RECOMMENDED* Wild-Caught Buri Tataki with Yuzu Essence 300G Sashimi-grade 鰤柚タタキ

  • $14.20

Made with chopped up Buri (wild caught from Kyushu prefecture) and mixed with Yuzu Juice. This Tataki is perfect on Toast, Dons, in a Gunkan Sushi, or in a wrap!

店長さん’s Note: We were skeptical about this at first as it sounded a little funky, but then it made sense -- Buri is naturally fatty and the citrus from the Yuzu is a very nice balance. And true enough - this is now our new go-to whenever we want to have a quick bite. We paired this with garlic croutons and they were perfect. We've also paired this with Nori and Sushi Rice and on a separate occasion, in a Don with the usuals (Ikura, Hotate, etc.) This was SO good!!

  • 300G per pack
  • Delivered frozen. Once thawed, please consume within 1~2 days and keep chilled. Do not refreeze.
  • Product of Japan