Lazy Man's Poké Bowl in 10 Minutes January 08 2018

We love a good mindlessly easy recipe that we can throw together in under 30 minutes. Less time to cook, more time for Netflix! ^^

Poké bowls are one of our favourite things to do when we have our friends over and we are thrilled because the time to prepare them is halved with the Froyas sashimi-grade salmon fillet.

2 hours from sea to sealed, to you! Flown in fresh every weekly.

I mean, what's there not to love about it? It's skinless, boneless and already in a pretty chunk! (You can trust us on the quality, too)

Before we share the recipe, do note that we're not experts at the authentic Poké bowls (Hawaiian food isn't our specialty). We've put these together with Japanese ingredients that we currently carry. 

Lazy Man's Poké Bowl by Zairyo (feeds 3 pax usually, or 2 very hungry people)

Ingredients that you will need:

1 x Froya Sashimi-grade Salmon 
2 x Cooked Rice or cook your own Japanese rice

Toppings of your choice, you can pick other stuff that isn't in this list but here's what we used:
Edamame without skin (washed and set aside)
Chuka Wakame
Shredded Nori
Organic Tofu
Carrots (Julienned; JK, we used a shredder)

Sauces, you may use other sauces but here's what we used:
Roasted Sesame Dressing
Kamada Garlic Dashi Shoyu
Kamada Wafu Tare
Kamada Dashipon
Nanami Togarashi
Truffle Sauce

Alternatives: Wasabi + Mayo 

Sauce Prep:

The amount of sauce you need to make is just enough to cover and marinate the fish.

So 1 portion of garlic dashi shoyu : 1 portion of Wafu tare, would mean that if you add 1 tablespoon of garlic dashi shoyu, you follow with 1 tablespoon of Wafu tare. If you add 1 cup of garlic dashi shoyu, you follow with 1 cup of Wafu tare. 

Garlic Teriyaki Poké Sauce

1 portion Kamada Garlic Dashi Shoyu : 1 portion Kamada Wafu Tare + sugar to taste

Spicy Ponzu Poké Sauce

1 portion Kamada Dashipon + 1 portion Kamada Wafu Tare + 0.5 Nanami Togarashi 

Truffle Poké Sauce

Add enough Truffle Sauce to cover fish.

Roasted Sesame Dressing

Drizzle 1.5 tablespoon of roasted sesame dressing to 1 pack of Organic Tofu.


Fish Prep:

1. Remove salmon from packaging, wash and pat dry with a kitchen napkin.

2. Slice the salmon into bite-sized cubes. Depending on how many sauces you wish to make, portion them accordingly.

3. Marinate fish in sauces. Cover with cling wrap and store in the fridge before prepping other ingredients.

If you're using our Cooked Rice, peel film from the side slightly, microwave on medium high (500~600W) for 1.5 minutes. 

Then all that's left is to assemble! 

Try it and tag us on our Facebook or Instagram (@ZairyoSG) if you've tried it!