February 2019 Air-flown Schedule + CNY Notice January 12 2019

Happy New Year!

Please note that we will be opened on 4/2, Monday, CNY Eve for last minute walk-ins and self-collection from 10AM to 2PM

We will be closed on 5/2 to 6/2, during which there will be no deliveries. We will still be taking air-flown orders during this duration as 6/2 is the deadline for Friday (8/2). You may also place your orders for any item tagged 'Available Everyday' for delivery on 7/2 (Thursday).

We will open on 7/2, Thursday, and deliveries will resume



1. You may place your order up to a month in advance. We will fly your items in on the air-flown day closest to your preferred delivery date. E.G. If your preferred delivery day is Thursday, we will fly it in on Wednesday. If your preferred delivery day is Friday, we will fly it in on Friday. 

2. We can deliver on the same day that the items arrive from Japan. 

3. Please note that we do not keep stock of air-flown items. We only fly the items in when you order them.

4. If you've missed the deadline and need seafood that is ready for delivery within 24 hours, check here.

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