Kinmiya Sharikin (Shochu Ice Blend) 90G シャリキン

  • $6.90

This Sharikin from Kinmiya is a Shochu produced with the softest local water so it is refreshing with a slight sweetness and mellow taste. This Shochu is made specially to make a Shochu slushie so you can add your favourite drinks to make a quick cocktail.

The aroma and faint acidity makes it a good base to pair with any of your favourite drinks. It enhances the deliciousness of the blended ingredients, so it is delicious enough to satisfy you no matter how you drink it~

店長さん's Note: We pair this with the Yuzu Cider. One bottle of Yuzu Cider to 2 packets of Sharikin (note: we like our drinks strong), you can adjust according to how you like it. No need to add Sugar as the Yuzu Cider is sweet enough. For a sugar free option, use sugar-free juices or water! 

  • 90ML per packet 
  • Alc. Content: 20% (Due to the high alcohol concentration, this item will NOT freeze in the freezer, even if you store it for days. This is Science, not a defect.)
  • Product of Japan